Financial Consultancy

Market and finance are the two backbones of a business. Even-though you have a strong marketing team, if you do not have a proper structured finance structure, failure is inevitable. It is very common that the failure of an enterprise resulting from an improper use of finance. The most common problems for most enterprises are use of short term bank facilities to finance their long-term need, e.g. the use of short term loan to finance the construction of a China factory.

In addition to the services of arranging the above-mentioned trade finance, we also provide other corporate financial services to our valuable clients. This includes the services of obtaining listing status in various recognized Stock Exchange.

We have a strong team of professional staff headed by a fully experienced finance expert with more than 20 years' of financial experience. We have close link with various banks, financial institution as well as corporate finance expert e.g. underwriters, sponsors etc.

Our services includes:

Arrangement for proper trade finance both from banks or from other financial institution
Company restructuring
IPO Advisory services
Corporate finance including company debts restructuring.




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