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It is all agree that e-commerce will be the key business model for the near future. It is also well-known that the development of  e-commerce is not to the satisfaction of most I.T. professional. The key reason for such phenomenon is the worry of the e-commerce security by most of the potential e-commerce users.

Webtrust is a new assurance services developed jointly by the AICPA of the United States of America and the CICA of the Canada. It designed to build trust and confidence between business and customers using the Web. Based on general audit principles and standards and a set of measurement criteria, known as AICPA/CICA WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Electronics Commerce, specially trained CPAs like us examine the website operator's business methods and practice as they have been applied over a period of time and assess the adequacy of security arrangements over the website itself. If the site demonstrates that it has met these criteria for at least 60 days, the CPA can issue a clean opinion and the site can display the WebTrust Seal as a proof of security assurance

According to the latest development of the WebTrust by the AICPA and CICA, updated version 3 have successfully been developed . Unlike the old version 2 that restrict the CPA to issue one single Seal that cover all areas of tests, version 3 allow users the select the area to be tested and obtained an individual seal for the area that the test is successfully passed.

Following is the areas that individual seal can be applied:

  1. On-line Privacy

  2. Security

  3. Availability

  4. Confidentiality

  5. Non-repudiation

  6. Business Practice/Transaction Integrity

  7. Certification Authority


If you are interested in obtaining a WebTrust Seal for your e-business or require more information for your decision, please contact our I.T. Consultancy Department at 2528-2228 or email your requisition to us to


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