Tax Consultancy

As we all know that the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) are putting more and more resources on the Field Audit Group for tackling the serious tax evasion case by the taxpayers. As data revealed by the IRD, in the year of assessment 1998-99, 156 field audit cases had been completed with a additional tax assessment together with the penalty imposed of an amount of HK$303.3 million. With the enforcement of the self assessment system in the next few years, the field audit cases will definitely be increased. In order not to be penalised by such movement of the IRD, it is of vital importance to have a properly designed tax planning for your esteemed group. Our Tax Consultancy department provides you with such services and assists your group to become one with the most tax efficient structure.

On the other hand, if you are unluckily sampled by the IRD for carrying out a tax field audit assignment, we may provide you with services of acting as your tax representative for answering questions raised by the IRD. This will substantially reduce your risks of providing inappropriate answer to questions raised by IRD and consequently reduced your overall tax exposure.

For comprehensive tax advisory services, we may provide:

tax computation and tax return filing
answering queries raised by IRD
claim for offshore profits tax exemption under DIPN21
tax planning
tax representative in tax field audit cases

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