Information Technology

I T are one of the most popular topic in nowadays business economy. Consumers and business customers are embracing the Web in astonishing numbers. If Forrester Research's projections are accurate, by the year of 2003 worldwide Internet commerce will approach US$3.2 trillion and represent 5 percent of all  global sales! Even though you do not have the intention to trade on-line, you definitely can not says that you are not affected by the fast development of the IT industries. In order to cope with such movement, we have set up our IT Consultancy department by the end of 2000 and successful allied with various IT consultant from various countries as our strategy alliance in helping us to provide the most comprehensive IT consultancy services to our valuable clients.

In addition, the Hong Kong Society of Accountants (HKSA) have been admitted as a licensed service provider  for the WebTrust services originated by the AICPA of the United States of America. We, as a member of the HKSA, has been granted the right to perform such services provided that we have completed a certain accreditation procedure defined by the HKSA. We are already in the process of applying for such sub-license and will advise our clients of the progress of our application. Details of the WebTrust services will be listed in the Section of Useful Information.

As a general concept,  we, as a professional accountant, only possess a limited knowledge regarding the other profession like IT. But owing to the nature of our professional services, we are well trusted by our clients and well understanding the business need of our client. In order to provide a more comprehensive IT services to our client, we have allied with the following strategic partners:


Yuhoma Incorporation Limited - Intelligent Business Solution Provider


Advanced Technology Group International - SAP Solutions and Implementation.





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